5 Underutilized Foods That Will Super-Energize You On Your Next Run

If you’re getting ready for a run, you need to put some fuel into your body. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the healthiest, energy-packed snacks you can choose from before your next run or race.

We recommend you eat these snacks with 1-2 hours before the actual run or race but you should test this out and see what your body reacts to. It’s also a good idea to test which foods seem to work for you before a run and which you should stay away from.

1. Dried apricots
Dried apricots pack a wallop of energy and 10-12 apricot halves are usually enough on their own to last you for an under 30 minutes run. They have a lot of iron (fight anemia), Vitamin A which helps improve our vision and keep free radicals at bay, contain alkali that improve digestion, have potassium that helps (among others) in regulating your heartbeat, help with asthma and muscle building.

They have 3 times as much potassium as bananas and have good levels of Vitamin K which helps with blood clotting in case of injuries. As you can see, dried apricots should definitely be eaten frequently as their benefits are numerous plus they will give you plenty of energy for your run.

2. Carrots
Low-calorie and filling, what more can you ask from a food? Carrots are pretty awesome to eat at any given time, but they will rock your world when you eat them before a run. Besides giving you a major boost, they help prevent cancer (with their falcarinol), slow down aging, improve vision (vit. A), cleanse the body, protects your gums and teeth, prevent infection, etc.

You can eat raw carrots, cook them in the oven and then pour a bit of olive oil as fats will help the absorption of carotenoids in our blood stream by a whooping 1000%!

3. Banana (but there’s catch)
We’ve all heard of eating a banana before a run as it will give the energy needed. But did you ever consider dipping it into some Chia seeds? Chia seeds are simply put amazing as they have plenty of fiber, antioxidants, 14% protein, will help you lose weight, packed with omega-3 acids, and can improve exercise performance as much as a sports drink.

If there’s something you should eat daily it’s Chia seeds. Have 2 table spoons and you will slowly turn into Superman.

4. Gummy bears and other gummies
You probably weren’t expecting Gummy Bears in here, were you? Well we’re happy you’re surprised ;). Gummy bears have 3 g of protein in 15 pieces, 6 g of fat in a 1.5 oz. serving, 27 g of carbohydrates in 1.5 oz.

Eating a handful (or two) of these juicy critters will give you a bit of energy and serve its purpose. While you may feel hungry again in an hour, there’s no denying that this is pre run snack you can take with you when you are in a hurry.

5. Water
Ok. We know, we know. Water is not food and what is it doing here? How can water be a pre-run snack? Well, as you might have seen for yourself, sometimes all you need is water. Your stomach might be really thirsty and you mistakenly think it’s hungry.

Always drink some water first and see how you feel in 10 minutes. If you’re still hungry then you need to eat. Your body needs water to stay hydrated (especially before and during a run). Water will also take out all the bad stuff in your body and make sure you function at peak level.

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