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7 Awesome Foods To Eat After Running

If you’ve just finished a run, you should consider eating something for recovery. Your muscles need it to repair themselves and recover the energy you’ve just lost. It doesn’t matter if you’ve run 1 mile or 10 miles, you need to eat something. We’ve gathered some of the best foods to eat after running so dig in:

1. Oatmeal

What’s packed with carbs, protein and fiber and is awesome after a run? It’s oatmeal, of course. A great post run food since it’s packed with everything the body needs and it will fill you up rather fast so you won’t overeat. Plus it will reduce your bad cholesterol so you should definitely eat this often.

2. Toast with avocado, anyone?

Avocados are known for their richness in potassium which is lost when we are running. They also help in the cardiovascular area because it has the good kinds of fat that are also satiating. If it doesn’t bother you, try adding Himalayan salt or sea salt that will replace some of the minerals you’ve lost including sodium. You could even make some homemade guacamole but stay away from the store one as that has a lot of unhealthy things added on.

3. Sweet, sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes

Of course this list would have sweet potatoes. After all, these are some of the best things you could eat, at any time, with moderation of course. If you’ve seen Life with Louie, you probably know that Aura, Louie’s mom was a big fan of sweet potatoes and for good reason. Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, manganese, copper, high fiber levels, and the list can go on and on. Most importantly, they can keep you full for a longer time than any other starch.

4. Pizza
vegetable pizza

Say what now? You weren’t expecting this to be on this list, were you? Well, guess what? Pizza can be a great after running treat when it’s made with the right ingredients (and eaten in moderation – eating 10 pizzas one after the other will probably not give you much benefits). Think whole-wheat crust and as many veggies as you can add on. No processed meat and don’t exaggerate with cheese (no cheese is best in this case).

5. Hummus

Homemade hummus is the best because you know exactly what’s in it but when there’s no time for that, you can get one from the store (but make sure you look at the ingredients list and pick the healthiest option). It has plenty of protein and fiber and if you want your blood sugar and cholesterol lowered then this is the food to eat.

6. Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt

Known as a protein powerhouse, Greek yogurt is best served with a few fruits so that you create a good protein-carb balance. Aim for low-fat and always look for the live-culture symbol and if possible, make sure it has Stevia or sucralose which are much healthier sweeteners.

7. Peanut butter and apples

It sounds yummy and some of us would eat this daily if we could, wouldn’t we? It doesn’t have many calories, it’s delicious, keeps you full and did I mention it’s super yummy? Add some grapes for some extra carbs and make sure you stay within one tablespoon of peanut butter (around 150 calories).

We’ve probably made you hungry, didn’t we? Sorry about that. If you’ve just finished a run then it’s time you tried one of these foods, otherwise stop drooling and start running :)!

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