10 Breakfast Food Swaps To Start The Day Right

A great day starts with a healthy breakfast and these 10 food swaps will teach you how to make the right decision even when you’re half-asleep. Avocado for butter, herbs for salt, these small tips will help you to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal that you actually enjoy.

  1.  Plain yogurt for flavored yogurt. Stick to your usual plain yogurt, Greek or not, and you’ll ditch a lot of calories in the process. Add your own fruits or if you want you can make your own fruit puree. This way you’ll replicate the texture to a T while cutting on unwanted calories and sugars in the process. HINT: If it’s still not sweet enough you can add some extra honey/maple syrup.
  2.  Whole grain or a wrap for white bread. White bread is unhealthy for you, it’s been stripped of all the good stuff so just skip it for good. Whole grain toast or wraps is much more nutritious and it tastes a million times better. If you’re not having a grilled sandwich you could go one step further and replace bread completely with lettuce/cabbage leaves.
  3.  Plain omelet for a fully loaded omelet. Stick to keeping your omelet game as simple as you can and then have it with a quick salad or roasted veggies. Your omelet doesn’t have to be drowning in cheese to taste good!
  4. Fruits for juices. You can easily go overboard and juice 3-4-5 oranges for a tall glass of juice but that’s a lot of sugar. Prep a quick fruit platter if you want to start your day with a fruity breakfast, it will keep you full for a few hours. When was the last time one glass of juice was enough and you didn’t feel like snacking on something else?
  5. Cinnamon for sugar. Cinnamon can spruce up even the most boring breakfast, chances are you’ll like this a lot. Add it to your oatmeal, smoothie, coffee, or you could even sprinkle it on some apple slices.
  6. Oatmeal for sugary cereals. We reach for cereals out of habit not because they taste better. Once you get the hang of it you will actually enjoy “crafting” your oatmeal bowl, being it overnight or the classic porridge. Add chia seeds, flax seeds, organic peanut butter, fresh fruit, the list is pretty long and you can vary it so you don’t get bored.
  7. Avocado for butter. Yes, avocados are everywhere lately and there’s a reason for that. Being a nutrient-packed food it’s one of the few-go to options when it comes to prepping a quick breakfast. Smash half an avocado, spread it on whole toast, add salt and pepper and you’re good to go.
  8. Black coffee for cappuccino/frappe. Coffee tends to get a bad rep and quite undeserved unfortunately. If you do it right and stick to 2-3 cups a day and make sure you don’t have “just a coffee” for breakfast you’re more than ok. When you add way too much sugar, creamers, spices and so on that’s when you’re ruining your coffee. Stick to your usual black coffee and you’ll be able to enjoy them without worrying about calories.
  9. Herbs and spices for salt. This might not be an obvious choice but too much salt causes water retention which leads to high blood pressure which can cause a lot of unwanted issues. Use whatever spices you have handy and you can even find a mix you like and make that you go-to trick to flavoring food. HINT: when you add vinegar to salads you can reduce your salt to a minimum.
  10. Cottage cheese for cream cheese. It may not be as creamy but with around 100 calories per 100 grams it’s hard to say no. Plus, it’s way healthier and nutritious not to mention less processed. Add some fresh herbs on top and you might have found yourself a staple breakfast option.

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