7 Refreshing & Easy Infused Water Recipes

Sometimes it’s hard to chug all those 8 glasses each and every day no matter how dedicated you are. The solution? Infused-water! It’s super easy to put together and all the variations will keep it from being boring.

1. Rose, lemon & strawberry infused water

This looks so good and it must taste amazing! Granted, it may not be your usual water but this is what makes it special. It’s the type of water you serve when you have your friends over.

2. Cucumber & lemon infused water

If you need something less fancy and more “practical”, this might be it. For this one you can use any herbs you have handy. The lemon infuses pretty quick so you don’t have to wait that much for it.

3. Watermelon & basil infused water

Two ingredients and a whole lot of taste. Toss the basil and watermelon in the water, keep it in the fridge for one hour an your good to go. You can mix it up and add some honeydew as well or make a separate one just with it.

4. Blackberry & sage infused water

The blackberry will tint the water in a perfect shade of purple making it the perfect touch up to any party. Sage is a nice substitution for mint since it’s not that overpowering though both work perfectly.

5. Pineapple & mint infused water

Pineapple isn’t a go-to fruit when it comes to infused waters and it’s such a shame. It’s the perfect alternative for strawberries since it doesn’t change the color making it a real eye candy.

6. Kiwi, pineapple & passion fruit infused water

And here we have pineapple yet again in a very different combo. This is a rather exotic water that’s ready in just 30 minutes. It could also work well as a smoothie bowl topped with some chia seeds since it already has enough natural sugar in it.

7.  Orange & strawberry infused water

This has to be the best combination ever! Sweet, sour and minty, a water that will keep you going all day long. Keep it ice cold, this is when it tastes best!

Infused waters might look like a lot of work but once you get used to it you’ll recommend it to everyone you know. Also, fruit infused waters are the perfect way to enjoy a healthy and sweet drink without pilling any extra calories.

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