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7 Mommy-and-Me Workouts

Having a baby is tough, time consuming and nerve wrecking from time to time but you have to make it work. Some days you might squat while doing the dishes or just stick to running around after a hyperactive toddler and this is more than okay. If you’ve found yourself with a few minutes to spare and feel like working out but don’t know where to start, take a hint from these ladies. After all, it’s about doing your best not doing it all, right?

  1. Alexa Jean Brown from @alexajeanfitness

Things sure look busy for Alexa with a baby and a toddler but she’s determined to get her workout done. If you like her training approach you should check her pregnancy guide, her fans seem to get really good results without having to spend hours in the gym.

2. Nastia Ebeling from @nastia_fit

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Engl below👇🏻Наша пятничная тренировочка с Алиной👶🏼12-15 раз каждое упражнение и 3 круга💦У нас кстати у Алины любимые игрушки машинки Алекса😃🚗 А песня у меня на моих видео почти всегда одна и таже, называется sweat loving💕😃, т к все остальные видео с другими песнями инстраграм почти всегда удаляет😬🙊Уже выкладывать даже боюсь😬 Желаю всем отличной пятницы и выходных❤️ —— Friday workout💪🏻👶🏼❤️12-15 reps and 3 rounds💦 Enjoy Friday and weekend, guys😘 Leggings😍: @flexilexi_fitness Nursing friendly top😍: @mummactiv #fitmama_hiit

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This is a fun & quick workout you can do with your baby. Nastia’s full body workout is manageable and yes, sometimes you use what you have handy and this time it happened to be a car. Sometimes you just have to make it work #TheStruggleIsReal

3. Jennifer Gelman from @bwmcfitness

Yes, they have 4 very active boys so you already know she’s having a good workout even without working out, 4 kids is a LOT! This isn’t your usual HIIT or cardio workout but it’s a great way to stay active and keep your kids engaged.

4. Nana from @nana_health

One mom, two kids and some super entertaining workouts. DISCLAIMER: they might look simple but her workouts are guaranteed to leave you breathless and extra sweaty.  If you want to see other moms embarking on her workout, check #healthywithnana

5. Julie Baird from @outfitfamilylife

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Just the 2 of us for the next 2 days ❤️ Curren is having fun with his Dad in San Francisco! I've just started including front planks in my workouts. I don't recommend doing front planks in early postpartum. The linea alba (line between your abs) has stretched out during pregnancy and you need to make sure you don't see a bulge on your mid-line when testing for diastasis recti or when performing a front plank before reintroducing this amazing complete move in your routines 👍🏼😊 Side planks are great though!! Happy Sunday ☀️ . . . . #fitpregnancy #befitvideos #homeexercises #fithealthyworkouts #exerciseguide #girlyexercises #fitgirlvideos #pregnancyworkout #fitcoteam @pumpthebump @fitpregnancy #pregnafit #pregnancyfitness #fitpregnancy #strongpregnancy #pregnancycore @pregnancy_fitness #healthypregnancy @healthy.pregnancy #pregnancyworkout @pregnancyworkout #fitnessco #igexercises #instafitvideoz #instafitsociety #homeexercises #homeworkouts_4u #workoutvideo #pumpthebump #befitvideos #girlyexercises #fitmomsofig #fitcoteam #fitmomsinpire #fitmoms

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Julie is a Certified Personal Trainer, more precisely a Pre & Post natal fitness specialist and her workouts are sure to motivate you to keep going. You have to follow her, if not for her workouts then for her tips & tricks.

6. Kimberley Welman from @staystrongmummy

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My top tips for working out with children around: ✔️ Choose your workout and go into it prepared for yourself and your kids ✔️ I do these playtime workouts once per week ✔️ Have snacks, drinks, comforters, toys, play mat, pram, bouncer and if need be nappies on hand 😉 ✔️ Put some music on, I find kids almost instantly calm down to music. ✔️ Relax! It's ok to stop and start ✔️ I only workout for around 15 minutes at a time and for this type of workout I generally choose anywhere between 5-10 exercises and just aim to work for one minute on each of them. If the kids are having fun, I repeat them. If not – we move onto something else. ✔️ It can take a few times before the kids get used to seeing mummy jumping around – don't give up after one workout. Once you've done it a few times, the novelty of trying to crawl or jump over you will wear off ✔️ If you have older kids, let them join in by counting your reps, blowing a whistle and telling you when to start, or doing a drawing of you! ✔️ if you have younger bubs, I find they love the pram or just laying next to you on a mat. If you can confidently squat or lunge, try holding them up on your chest tightly. Squatting a baby and whispering into their ear is actually a great way to calm an unsettled bub down – I used to do it in the nursery all of the time with the twins. ✔️ once you've done it a few times, you'll find your kids love it and may even want to join in.

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Short 15-minute workouts are more than enough to help you get back to your usual fitness routine. Kimberly is a mother to three children within 19 months, including twins so she has to play it smart to increase her workout’s effectiveness.

7. Andrea Allen from @deliciouslyfitnhealthy

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Full body- using 1 long resistance loop from at the @thexbands 🙌🏻. I went from City to the mountains over night 🙌🏻 A vacation does not mean a vacation from my workouts. That is part of what makes me who I am. I like to move my body!! It's that simple! Spending the rest of the week at our family ranch and making a full workout out of one resistance loop and a fence! This is my favorite place to visit and we go every summer since I was born.. literally 😍. It is so hot in Arizona right now so it's so nice to have the girls be able to roam freely, enjoy the mountains, and I can get an outdoor workout in again and won't die of heat🌵 ! I am using @thexbands long loop. For 10 percent off use code: delishfit . I am in love with the booty band set and the full body set . I literally use them every day and all over the place!! Reps will vary based on the band resistance you have but I do about 15 reps High Row (back & shoulders) Tricep extensions (triceps) Waist twist (abs & back) Low Row step back Lunge (back & legs) 90 degree bicep curl 1 minute Jump squats for a little huff and puff at the end No rest repeat 3 more times

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Grab your resistance band and start working out, it’s that easy. Andrea is an online personal trainer with a lot of experience and this shows; her workouts are very diverse and tough, not your usual squats, lunges and planks trio, she really packs it in.

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